La fleur

La fleurOur town takes pride in several exemplars of Art Nouveau buildings, dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. One of the most remarkable is “Casa Fenoglio”, also called “La fleur” (i.e. “the flower”, for the floral decorations). Isn’t it nice?!


Doors #3

Another old door, of whom we especially like the keystone and above that kind of stone plate with a deer (?) and a flower on it. Picture taken in Riez, Provence (France).

Purple shades

Red purple shades are the common thread in our shopping, today. From above: red radicchio, celeriac (and behind it red cabbage), lentils and red azuki beans, Ligurian olives. Tomorrow we’ll prepare a veg red purple dinner for our friends, adding red wine, of course!

The Mole


After a long period down with the flu, yesterday we had a walk downtown, taking advantage of a sunny afternoon. It’s always surprising to see the Mole against the blue sky… Did anybody have the chance to visit it? It’s an historical landmark and symbol of our town, built in the XIX century. Nowadays it houses the National Cinema Museum.